Shelter - Refugio Natural de Chorreras Negras


6 beds Free to use 2900m

Access to the Cañada de Siete Lagunas is usually made from Trevélez, it is the shortest. It can also be reached with some ease from Capileira (by the Mulhacén), and from the University Hostel (also after climbing the Mulhacén). You can also access the Cañada de Siete Lagunas from El Goterón, crossing the hill of the Alcazaba, and from the Lag. de la Mosca, by the Canute de Siete Lagunas.

To get to Trevélez by car from Granada, take the A-44 towards Motril, and take the A-348 40km. from Granada direction Lanjaron - Orgiva.
From this point we will continue towards Pampaneira, and on that same road we will finally reach the highest town in Spain, Trevélez. Two kilometers before reaching Trevélez is the entrance to the campsite, where I spent the night.

The route of ascent begins from the square of the middle district of Trevélez, perfectly signposted with indications that lead us towards the 7 lagoons.
The road runs with some hard slope and between curious canals similar to streams but that run parallel to the contour lines until reaching after an hour and a half, more or less, the Black Chorreras last strong gap to overcome before reaching the 7 Lagoons and reach the height of 2900m., Which can be considered a little more than half the way.

Of course, it is one of the sites with the least water problems in the Sierra Nevada. There is water everywhere, and it is very rare that the lagoon does not drain through the impressive Black Chorreras.

Precisely in those jets there is another natural " refuge ", taking advantage of some gaps that leave hollow in its base. There is capacity for 5 or 6 people, although in case of need they could fit more.

It really is a rather uncomfortable place, so it is usually used only in cases of real need, such as rain or strong winds. On the other hand, in winter it is usually covered by snow, so its use is reduced at the end

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.0475 Longitude: -3.29257
Zone: Cañada de Siete Lagunas