Shelter - Refugio del Cebollar


20 beds Free to use 2600m

Located on the southern slope of the Sierra Nevada in the Chico River Valley in the heart of the Alpujarra. An ideal place to face ascents such as Pico de las Alegas (2706 m), Tajo de los Machos (3088 m) or Cerrillo Redondo (3026 m). These last two, authentic viewpoints of the Lanjarón River Valley and to the south.
Ascend right from the recreational area of ​​Puente Palo, by a lane that deviates from the general upwards to the left, as we come from Lanjarón, and we walk for an hour and a half by said track, out of use, to the point where it ends , just at the point where it coincides with the Chico River. We cross the river and take a path that is well marked, but that is lost halfway down the slope, due to the natural regeneration of new pine trees and an extensive broom.
It can be accessed from the village of Soportúja, Cañar and Lanjarón.

After two hours on the way we arrived at Refugio del Cebollar. It is built next to an old ruined farmhouse and its era. It is an old forest refuge when the whole action plan against erosion in the Lanjarón and Chico Valleys was repopulated in both basins in the thirties, before the Civil War. It has an elongated barrel vault cover with a chimney. It is totally plastered with cement, with some hiding places, although its original construction was of traditional masonry and plastering.
It is practically diaphanous inside, although dirty, full of goat droppings and in a state of neglect with the doors ripping and the windows broken glass. Surely they have been put into some intervention not long ago, because the windows are aluminum and aluminum plywood doors too.

Very close there is a spring of very fresh and rich drinking water, which filled two small pools to irrigate the old nurseries of repopulation that existed there, as well as to relieve the thirst of equine livestock.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.0167 Longitude: -3.39587
Zone: Valle del río Chico