Shelter - Refugio de la Loma de Cáñar


4 beds Free to use 2800m

It is located on the western slope of the Cañar hill. Along the path that runs along this slope by the level curve of 2800m.

It is a small forest refuge in poor condition. It has no door and although it has a fireplace, it is broken. Also there is no firewood in the surroundings.

It can be used to shelter from the rain or a blizzard.

Climb to the Refuge of the Loma de Cáñar from Prado Abarca, climbing the hillside. Down the rope to the Piedra de los Pájaros to, once there, turn to the right looking for Prado Abarca.The refuge of "Loma de Cañar" is located at an altitude of 2,840 just opposite the Horse on the other side of the ravine, which forms the Lanjarón River (called Loma de Cáñar).
It is in a dilapidated state; without doors or windows and with goat droppings inside. This refuge, like the rest of the shelter network that exists throughout the Lanjarón Valley, responds to a program of forest reforestation during the last century.

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Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.0052 Longitude: -3.4241
Zone: Loma de Cañar, Sierra Nevada