Shelter - Refugio del Buitre


7 beds Free to use 1850m

Refuge that lies on the slopes of the Vulture's peak. It has a table and chairs.

Ascent to the Vulture:
The ascent to Cerro del Buitre (2021m) starts at Collado de Laude, which is accessed by a track that starts from the road that joins Pozo Alcón with castril (there is a panel at the foot of the trail).

The trail is perfectly signposted with landmarks in most of its route to the Prados del vulture, where there is a shelter of shepherds and a source, the Tornajos del Buitre.

From the source of the Tornajos the path disappears, although the access to the top is already frank: it is only to be placed in the opposite slope of the vétice summit and to go up a steep slope until reaching the geodesic vertex.

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Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.8558 Longitude: -2.81857
Zone: Prados del Buitre