Shelter - Refugio Collado del Buey


6 beds Free to use 1715m

Refugio del Collado del Buey is located in the municipality of La Puebla de San Miguel in the Rincón de Ademúz (Valencia) in the same hill where its name comes from. It is located next to a forest track which can be accessed either from Puebla de San Miguel itself or from Camarena de la Sierra on the track of Matahombres. It is located in the middle of the Camarena - Javalambre - Calderón - Camarena crossing and is ideal for overnight stays if this itinerary is done in two days.
This refuge can also be accessed following the marks of PR-V-131.8 that starts from Arcos de las Salinas (2h35) and Puebla de San Miguel (2h15).

There is a fountain five minutes from the refuge, lowering the ravine a little to the left of it if we look towards the north. This source is Fuente del Pozo, the quality of the water can be a bit to consider, because as it says the name of the spring, it is a small well from where the water is collected with a hose that goes to a trough.
Sierras de Javalambre.

In the vicinity there are many trees from which you can pick up dried branches from their bases and pineapples.

The refuge is a small stone hut with a tile roof on the outside and branches on the inside, it has a small fireplace where you can light a small fire but be very careful not to light the roof of the hut. It does not have any bunk type comfort, inside there is at most a small bench to sit on. Belongs to the Town Hall of the Puebla de San Miguel.

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento de la Puebla de San Miguel


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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.0713 Longitude: -1.08562
Zone: Collado del Buey