Shelter - Refugio Bardoitza


20 beds Free to use 1060m

You can access the refuge by car, by a track that starts near the port of Urbasa.
On foot, in one hour and forty minutes.
It is located in the Sierra de Urbasa, in the Raso Bardoitza in Olazagutia / Alsasua.

The refuge is free cabin type, without guard and with capacity for 20 people. It has bunk beds and gas stove. It also has a fireplace and a fountain in its surroundings as reservoirs.

Balcony of Pilatos.
Port of Lizarraga.
Dolmenic Zone.

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+34 948560304 Hiking association: Ayntamiento de Pamplona


Cooking space Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8246 Longitude: -2.07193
Zone: Raso Bardoitza