Shelter - Refugio Ermita de San Donato


20 beds Free to use 1491m

Hermitage on the summit of Mount Beriain (1,491 m.), Excellent watchtower of the Basque-Navarran mountains. It has a large space to spend the night.

Capacity: 15

The Beriain is the highest peak of the Sierra de Satrústegui which is located to the NW of Pamplona and the E of Alsasua. Delimita on the southern part, along with the mountain ranges of Andía and Urbasa, the Sakana region.

GPS: X: 671.014 Y: 4757937

It has several accesses: from the Navarran villages of Unanua, Uharte-Arakil or Goñi. The shortest and usual way leaves from the first mentioned town and ascends by a steep and evident road the South slope.

It is located on a hilltop and you can cross the mountain ranges of Andía and Urbasa.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8878 Longitude: -1.98078
Zone: En la cima del monte Beriain