Shelter - Refugio de El Rajao


10 beds Free to use 1020m

Refugio de Cazadores located in the Hayedo de El Rajao, near the end of the paved road that goes up the Tobía River valley, a tributary of the Najerilla River, from the towns of Matute and Tobía.

It consists of two rooms and a small portico of access.
In the second room, the largest room has a fireplace and a table with benches.

Unfortunately, despite being a relatively recent building and out in very good condition, the interior is unfortunate due to the lack of education and respect of the people who have visited it. Lots of garbage, cans, bottles, pieces of food. When there is a container in the same door of the shelter.

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Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.2543 Longitude: -2.88407
Zone: El Rajao