Shelter - Refugio Mas del Frare


15 beds Free to use 1200m

From Barcelona AP-7 towards Tarragona where we will continue to Tortosa, in the Delta del Ebro. At exit 40 take the C-42 to Tortosa, where there, we will go to Roquetes, and following the TV-3421 road to Mas de Barberans.
Another option not to go by motorway, past Tarragona take the N-340.
By train, from Barcelona-Sants to Tortosa-Roquetes.

Drive by forest track from the Mas de Barberans to the Font Ferrera Refuge (guarded) by the Racó del Capellans.
On foot: 2h 15 'from the Font Ferrera refuge.
3h 15min from the Caro refuge (saved)
Following the GR-7.
Other accesses:
7h from Beseit. .
7h from the Senía.

Free shelter (You have to ask for the key to the Center hiker of Amposta), 15 places in bunk beds, fireplace, place to cook, mattresses. It is not in very good condition. It is located in the zone of the Casetes Velles, in the Solana de la Mina.
IMPORTANT: Although in the technical form it says that the refuge is kept, or has keys, it has an area of ​​free refuge.

Treks: GR-7 and PR-82
Ascents: Expensive, Crossing to all ports. Climbing

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+34 977705878 Hiking association: Centre excursionista de Amposta


Cooking space Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.7654 Longitude: 0.280032
Zone: Coll de la Assucar