Shelter - Refugio del Pla de la Espluga


15 beds Free to use 1200m

To reach the refuge, C-17 from Ripoll to Campdevànol and there GI-401-C662 to Gombrèn, follow the road until you reach the forest track to the Montgony sanctuary. Take the first detour to the left, 3km to the refuge towards Mataplana Castle. The track continues through Coll de l'Espluga and Cap Ros to Castellar de N 'Hug, 7km from the refuge. It is indicated by signs, and can be accessed by car.

The GPS coordinates that appear in the technical sheet, are indicative because the large amount of forest that is in the vicinity is difficult to find.

The refuge is old of a single plant, with roof of two slopes. It consists of a section destined to stable and another one of refuge. It only has fireplace. It is in very poor condition.

Ascents, Roques de l'Espluga (1493m). Moreu (1559m).

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Hiking association: Servicio Forestal de Girona (Ayuntamiento de Gombrèn)



How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.26 Longitude: 2.05484
Zone: Coll del Pla de la Espluga