Shelter - Refugio de les Saleres de Caderget


4 beds Free to use 1700m

Reach Ripoll (Girona) and take the N-260 to Camprodon where we will take the GIV-5264 to Setcases.

Access by vehicle: Following the road a little outside the town, on our right there is a track that leads directly to the refuge. It goes around a lot, but by car it's a moment, it's about 17 km from Setcases.
Access on foot: From Setcases in the same village, there is a path (La Creueta) that leads to the wide track that leads directly to the refuge.

Other accesses: From Espinavell you can also access as it is much closer, get to Ripoll (Girona) and take the N-260 past Camprodon becomes the C-38 to Molló where later we will take a detour by the GIV-5225 until Espinavell. Alli forest track to the same refuge. It can be accessed by car.

It is located next to the shelters of Costabona and Jaume Ferrer.

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Hiking association: Servicio Forestal de Girona


Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.39 Longitude: 2.35669
Zone: La Canyola