Shelter - Refugio Vega del Conde


8 beds Free to use 1605m

It is located next to the reservoir of the Vega del Conde, in the Alto Tera, Sanabria. It is a house owned by Endesa that exploits the reservoir, one part is closed and guarded with a camera, the other is open and enabled as a refuge for mountaineers, fishermen or hunters. The open part has a room with fireplace and rudimentary banks and another couple of small rooms where 2 or 3 people could sleep in each one. The easiest access is from the Parking of the Laguna de los Peces and take the road to the northwest, towards the Embalse de la Vega del Conde by the Collado de la Ventosa.

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Hiking association: Endesa, CHD


Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.2043 Longitude: -6.77023
Zone: Valle de Tera, Sanabria