Shelter - Refugio Cabaña del Cuadro o de la Pesca


10 beds Free to use 1060m

The shelter is free, without guard, has fireplace, table and two rooms with wooden bunk beds, without mats.
It consists of two shelters, the old shelter called the picture cabin, and the new refuge called the Fishing cabin. both are suitable for overnight, and both have chimney.

Access from Guímera:
From the village of Guímera, you have to follow the forest track for approximately 13 km, in summers you can get there by vehicle.
The route follows the track that runs up the valley, parallel to the Cúa River and later branched off in two, on the right towards the port of Cienfuegos and on the left towards the Refugio de la Pesca and towards the town of Suertes, through of the good luck. In the upper part of the slope, we can see the tunnel through which the Tormaleo coal passed, and through a system of cagilones, supported by 93 turrets, it crossed the Fornela valley to the thermal one of Compostilla, in Anllares.
After an hour of walking, we went through the recreation area El Cuadro, has a fountain and a cabin with a table and fireplace, none of this existed the first time I was here years ago.
The track continues to ascend along the valley, we have left behind the junction where the branch that goes to the port of Cienfuegos is separated.

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Beds Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8867 Longitude: -6.74606
Zone: Valle de la Fornela