Shelter - Refugio El Risquiezo


7 beds Free to use 1050m

Pine pine forest resinero. Chimney
Small route itinerary PR SO-6

Access Mode:
1- On the road that goes from Espeja de San Marcelino to Orillares, a 1.2 km part of a track
forest on the left that marks Hontoria del Pinar, and after 1.5 km you take a detour on the right hand side and after 0.8 km it leads to the refuge.

2-There is a circular route from Espeja de San Marcelino. It is part of the route of the official paths of the Sierras of the northwest Soriano PR-SO6, extended to cover part of the Sierra de Costalago in the natural park of the Rio Lobos Canyon.

Start towards the road between Espeja and Espejón, going through an informative sign of these routes. Continue until you take the path of the Preitos, passing by the Hoceara tents. Continue to the cubillos, where you take the old path that joined Espeja and Hontoria del Pinar. When climbing, you can see the landmarks that mark the separation between both municipalities, and therefore also between the provinces of Soria and Burgos.

Walk part of the Sierra de Costalago to the southeast until you reach the viewpoint of Costalago, one of the five official viewpoints of the natural park. Here it descends to the Valley of Costalago, and continues next to Arroyo Mimbre until it retains the PR-SO6 trails, passing through the refuge of the risquiezo and passing through peña lartiruela. Finally, in the hut of La Barga, it joins again to return to Espeja de San Marcelino, crossing pine forests and the mountain called La Rasa.

Distance to the nearest town: 4 km.

Points of interest:
Sotos del Burgo: Church of San Pedro with Gothic elements. Archaeological remains. Fishing Reservoir Sotos (SO-10), river
Zayas de Torre: Archaeological remains. Church with Romanesque elements.
Casarejos: The Canyon of Río Lobos.It was the passage of the Real Cabana of Carreterías.
Navaleno: Church of San Esteban Protomartir. Carretería area. Tourist town, surrounded by pine forests, at the foot of the port of Mojón Pardo .

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento de Espeja de San Marcelino


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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.8116 Longitude: -3.17517
Zone: Sierra de Costalago