Shelter - Refugio del Jou de la Colla


6 beds Free to use 650m

From Santander take the Cantábrica-Meseta A-67 motorway where in Torrelavega it becomes the A-8 Cantabrian motorway, exit 249 in Cabezón de la Sal, after the town take CA-180 to Ucieda de Arriba.
We follow the track that leaves from Ucieda, the same track that leads to the shelter of Urizosas, but without taking the detour to said shelter. We will cross with the de los Puentes path. We will continue climbing up to the track that goes to the Hermitage of Moral and, after a while, we will go to the left to look for a path that rides the head of the river Lar or Los Vados, to head towards the brañ ± as of La Raiz, Pipirea and Brañazarza from where we will begin the descent.
Without touching the track that goes up to the hermitage of Moral, we go to the left. by path to take the back of Las Rozas
We leave the most marked trail and we go to the right with indicative sign Rozas, there are local trail signs (Bl-Vd) and orange phosphorite points.
The path is quite steep and marked by the bright orange paint that in summer will help, but it is too scandalous. We passed through the ruins of the old town of Rozas where only ruined walls can be seen. Following the path we pass by the braña del Jou de la Colla where there is a grass-roofed hut. This cabin, serves rather for emergencies, although you can also sleep in it.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.2149 Longitude: -4.20451
Zone: Valle Jou de la colla