Shelter - Refugio El Moral


8 beds Free to use 1219m

From Santander take the A-67 (Cantabria-Meseta Highway) towards Torrelavega where we connect to the A-8 (Cantábrico Highway) towards Zurita where at exit 228 we return to the A-67 to exit 159 at Las Fraguas, further down from Los Corrales de Buelma.

In transport, you stop at Las Fraguas train station, which is passing Los Corrales de Buelna. Then you have to go up by road to a town called Los Llares. And from there, a little further up the road to where it ends and you reach an esplanade called Tordias. From here begins a track that is not lost. You follow the track, without deviating at any time and observe the shelter of the screw on the left in an esplanade.

You continue advancing and advancing on that same track, and without deviating. Then you will observe a crossroad, then you will continue on the left. You advance, you skirt the mountain and you will have incredible views. You can see the town of Los Tojos very far away, in tiny. After a while walking, you arrive at another junction that you also take on the left and then you can see La Ermita del Moral on an esplanade. There is the hermitage and in the same building, in the small part, the shelter where you can sleep and make a fire.
You can get there by car to Tordias and from there walking, as it is a track.

Duration: approximately 2 hours from Tordias.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.1624 Longitude: -4.16285
Zone: El Moral