Shelter - Refugio Aizkorri


8 beds Free to use 1523m

On the summit of Aizkorri we find hermitage and refuge. Water in the fields of Urbia or in the vicinity of San Adrian. Fountain at the foot of the Andraitz peak, north face. Reinforced concrete and metal door. All year

It is a few meters from the top of the Aizkorri and next to a hermitage that can also serve as a refuge. This one does not have a door, but it does have an entrance making a Z to avoid the entry of snow.

The refuge has two different spaces, the dining room with a table and two work benches and the bedroom, which are also two work platforms. At the end of the hall a chimney.

Many painted, but it looks solid.

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Beds Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.9511 Longitude: -2.32496
Zone: En la cima de Aizkorri

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