Shelter - Refugio Acebal


15 beds Free to use 1250m

Name of refuge: Caseta Blanca de Inogés or also known as Acebal
Status: Precarious / Dirty

Located in the Sierra de Vicort, this refuge, also known as Refugio del Acebal, is one of the most frequented in the region, it is located at a junction of Sendas PR and in a beautiful setting: the shady Acebal de la Sierra. However, the conditions of the refuge are far from being up to their needs: Consite in a spacious room, poorly lit, with a fireplace and stumps as a seat.

The comfort is non-existent and I would recommend using it only in case of a storm or to rest in the safe source next to it. To have lunch or spend the day it is much more advisable to go to the shelter of the Genaro fountain, 20 minutes away, following the path towards Aluenda. Both in one and in another, there is mobile coverage, possibility of vehicle access, firewood in the vicinity, etc.

However, despite the abandonment in which it is located, we must not forget that it is located in the middle of the most interesting botanical entity of the sierra, the Acebal and therefore, some of the most beautiful trails in the region pass through your door , being a place of rest almost obligatory for all those who travel through these forests.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.3702 Longitude: -1.49147
Zone: Montes del Jalón, Jiloca y Alfambra