Shelter - Punto de Acogida del Camino del Cid de Pozuel del Campo


20 beds Free to use 1m

The City Council has several municipal spaces that yield to travelers who travel the Camino del Cid and who want to spend the night in the town. It is necessary to be accredited as a traveler of the Camino del Cid with the safe conduct of the route.
In the premises there is a bathroom with washbasin and toilets. Depending on the demand, one space or another is assigned. Mattresses for the sleeping bag are made available to travelers. Pozuel del Campo is part of the stretch of the Three Taifas del Camino del Cid (by path and road).

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento de Pozuel del Campo


Drinking water

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.7709 Longitude: -1.5065
Zone: Pozuel del Campo