Shelter - refugio de Acher


8 beds Free to use 1700m

The Acher Forest Refuge, located in the foothills of Acher Castle, is located in a beautiful corner with the Sierra de Agüerri to the south and the Secus mountain range to the southeast. There is a fountain in the surroundings and in 15 minutes you can find firewood. The shelter is not in good condition, tending a large hole in the chimney. The door does not fit well, there are no bunk beds and the floor is not in very good condition, although the surroundings may well merit spending a night in this beautiful place.

Access: from Echo, continue the road that is first entered in the Boca del Infierno and that continues boxed to the Bridge in the Oza Forest, from where we can see the Acher Castle. Attention to the ice cascades that form on the road after Boca del Infierno. From here we will arrive at the Acher Forest Refuge in about 1:30 hours.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8165 Longitude: -0.687856
Zone: Valle de Hecho

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