Shelter - Cabaña de Eléctricas


6 beds Free to use 2020m

Cuckoo hut exterior appearance although dirty (remnants of electrical material) and in poor condition inside. Two rooms, one smaller and next to the entrance, and another main one next. Naked floor, no table, benches or bunk beds. It has a chimney although it is in poor condition and it is possible to let smoke enter the main cabin. It does not have firewood. Water in the vicinity (torrent). Excellent location halfway from the Port of Bujaruelo (600 m of elevation gain and 1h 30 of march from San Nicolás), starting point of classic ascents like the North of the Taillón and the NW Face of the Western Gabiate. Great views to the northwest face of the Gabieto peaks.

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Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.705 Longitude: -0.0793
Zone: Valle de Bujaruelo