Shelter - Refugio Calcilarruego


4 beds Free to use 1860m

Tiny shelter, without door, built with wood, with a sheet like roof, suitable for emergencies, located in the vicinity of the viewpoint of Calcillaruego, 700 meters above the prairie of Ordesa, with views of charm.

To get there, follow the road that goes up to Ordesa from Torla, passing through the barrier (always less open in summer) and after reaching the Pradera de Ordesa (leaving the car there), you have to take the path that climbs towards the path of the Hunters or Pelay Girdle. After two hours of steep climb, you will reach the viewpoint.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.6414 Longitude: -0.054236
Zone: Valle de Ordesa