Shelter - Refugio Banderillas (nuevo)


10 beds Free to use 1980m


In the heart of the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, specifically on the crest of the Cord of the Banderillas, very close to the homonymous summit of this small mountain range (about 200 meters southwest of the peak). In the maps it is usually referred to as a fire surveillance booth (at least in those edited until the year 2000).


The easiest and fastest is through the Caña de Pinar Negro, a wide dirt road that runs southeast of the Cord of the Banderillas. You can take this road coming from Santiago de la Espada: three accesses, I do not know how far you can get the car in the first two that are from El Pontón Bajo and nearby; the third is from the town of Santiago de la Espada to the control of Rambla Seca, from where the road to the north emerges. And it can be taken from Vadillo Castril, also arriving (on the other side) to the control of Rabla Seca. It is also close to this control, the fishermen refuge of Rabla Seca


In the same Cord of the Banderillas they are, barely separated 30 meters from each other, which in reality are two shelters. In the maps, it appears as a fire watchman's house. That should be the initial function of what was the original refuge, a small vaulted building in which 3 or 4 people can fit. Later the larger annexed building was built, with capacity for 8 or 10 people.

The protected regime of the refuge is relative, because it is not a shelter saved to use. During the summer season there is a park guard, which we will normally find in the small building, and which dispenses the keys of the large shelter. The rest of the year the large shelter remains free and the door is tied on the outside with rope so that cattle or other animals do not enter. But the overnight stay is totally free.

Both shelters have a fireplace. As for the large one (which is what we saw inside), it has two beds in the form of a bunk (without a mattress but with box springs) and a wooden platform, to which there is added space on the floor, which is totally regular , of tiles (that day apparently very new). There is also a table, chairs, and a sink (do not ask me if water arrives at the shelter). The cleanliness of the shelter the day we visited it was absolute, almost like an apartment room.


The best possible, plan a two-day ascent to the Banderillas by night in full ridge, and this can be done from the aforementioned accesses, but better and more spectacular from the Borosa River, with several up and down alternatives (can make route circular). It is also relatively close to the Sierra de la Empanada, the park's highest altitude.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 38.0125 Longitude: -2.78674
Zone: Cresta de la Cuerda de las Banderillas