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Shelter - Refugio de los Prados del Rey

10 beds Free to use 2025m

Refuge of good construction located in Los Prados del Rey, very close to Pozo de la Nieva in La Sierra de Baza.
It is also known as Caseta del Pozo de la Nieve.
El Refugio has two doors that lead to two zones.

The rear door is always open and has a cabin where they can fit about 5 or 6 people, but has no furniture and is in a fairly neglected state.
The main door leads to an area of ​​the refuge that used to be closed, according to the town hall of Baza, but a few years ago the door was forced and it was freely accessible. There was a table, fireplace and mattresses.


Drinking water Fireplace Table Beds

How to get there

GPS coordinates Latitude: 37.3771 Longitude: -2.85602
Zone Sierra de Baza


Town: Baza
Province: Granada
Region: Andalusia
Country: Spain