Shelter - Refugio Aceral


10 beds Free to use 1810m

To access we must reach the Grenadian Sierra Grenadian population, and once there cross the town following the informative signs that direct you to the Maitena River or Genil River. Once past Güéjar Sierra, the previous indications will be alternating with new signs indicating Vereda de la Estrella or Restaurante San Juan. About 3 kilometers before arriving, we will pass through the Restaurant Maitena, from here the road narrows to the point of remaining in a single lane, in addition to crossing three not very high tunnels where the tram passed formerly.
A few minutes before San Juan Restaurant we will find on our right a small path marked with a sign of Vereda de la Estrella (the sign is behind us), but we will not see a possible place to leave our vehicle. You must continue circulating and soon you will arrive at the restaurant where you can park the vehicle.

The route begins crossing the river Genil on the wooden bridge that we found in front of the car park. During the first kilometer of march we will gain about 100 meters of altitude difference. Then the slope softens, always walking with the river Genil on our left. Later the path will pass next to a centennial chestnut tree, with a huge and twisted trunk. We will continue walking and cross several streams that descend from the slope of our right but that we will cross without any difficulty. We will arrive at the confluence of the Vadillo River with the Genil River where we will find a crossroads that will indicate us towards the refuge of Peña Partida.
At this point we are presented with three possible paths to be taken.
Turn towards the Cuesta de los Presidiarios and get to Majada del Palo, follow the signs of Peña Partida. We will descend until we reach the level of the Genil river, which we will cross over the bridge. From here begins a hard climb of about 430 meters altitude where the road zigzags between a small wooded area

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.105 Longitude: -3.32991
Zone: La Estrella, Barranco de Aceral