Shelter - Refugio de Peña Partia


10 beds Free to use 2430m

You can go by car from Güéjar Sierra to a chain located about 4.5 km from the shelter. In summer, from where we left the car, it is enough to walk about 25m in the lane, and on the right a path goes up through the top of the Loma de Papeles until we reconnect with the same lane about 4km ahead, leaving only about 500m to the refuge. In winter, if there is snow and fog, it can be difficult to find.

It is a refuge of a single height and 3 rooms, and it is in good condition, as are often the shelters of Sierra Nevada. The interior is clean, and is divided into a bathroom, a living room with fireplace, and a bedroom.
The entrance door leads to the living room, and although it is not very well fitted, it can be closed. The living room has a bench in its perimeter, fireplace, and a "terrace" table. The window has only glass on one side, on the other you can attach a metal plate to close it, although it does not close well at all.
The " bedroom " does not have any type of furniture, and is not very large. Between living room and bedroom, I calculate that the shelter has capacity for about 10 people, although as always, with good will they can enter more.
The bathroom has a shower, sink and toilet, although as usual, they do not work. The smell is quite unpleasant, although while the door is closed, it is not noticeable at all.

Unfortunately in summer there is usually not much water around, to get it we can try to go down a little marked trail that leaves the shelter, among some bushes, and goes down a few meters. In a few minutes you reach a small spring, at the head of the Bco. of Peña Partía, that if we are lucky, it will have some water. If we do not find water there, it will be necessary to go down to the Vadillo river or to go up to the Lavaderos de la Reina, neither of the two options is nearby, at least half an hour walking without a load. For this reason it is usually used as the start of routes that, starting from the area, ascend

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.1305 Longitude: -3.29749
Zone: Barranco de Peña Partia