Shelter - Refugio de las Chorreras


10 beds Free to use 1969m

From Granada to Aldeire take A-92 to exit 312 in Calahorra - Aldeire
From the Calahorra to the port of La Ragua, take the A-337 road until you reach the port of La Ragua and the protected refuge of Puerto de Ragua.

Take the Sulayr path that starts from the same port of La Ragua crossing the road from the lodge, and there is an information point. We are going up the path towards the Morron pass, which is advancing, we will arrive at an area of ​​trees, where we will not enter and we will stay by their side, on the slope, following the course of the forest until we reach the refuge of the Chorreras. It is located approximately 6km from the port of La Ragua, it is indicated by signs, by white, red and yellow landmarks of the PR-A333 and by the GR-240.

From Aldeire, crossed the town by the street of the Real and passing in front of a monument that seems the same that there is in Rio de Janeiro, we followed that small tree-lined path and following the river, until we crossed the river by the hanging bridge, following the path until later becomes a firewall that ascends up the hill of the Casilla and arrive at the shelter of the Chorreras. Aldeire leaves a path that gives more spin, but that leaves in the Hill of the Box, in the firebreak.

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Hiking association: Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada


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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.1057 Longitude: -3.06934
Zone: La Chorrera