Shelter - Refugio de La Venta


6 beds Free to use 2200m

Shelter of shepherds located in the north face of the Rock of the Port, in Eastern Sierra Nevada, to about 50m passes the road of the Arrieros that from Lanteira goes to Bérchules: It also happens quite near the Sulayr Path, GR that surrounds Mountain range Nevada.

It consists of three rooms of about 2x2 meters each. In the central. where you access the refuge there is a fireplace and a door on each side that gives access to the other two rooms.

It has no furniture.

Of interest for tours of the Sulayr, ascents to the Sierra Nevada Oriental or cross-country skiing in the winter season.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.1108 Longitude: -3.15034
Zone: Marquesado del Zenete