Shelter - Cabane de Les Corones


7 beds Free to use 1860m

Fireplace: Yes

Wood: Yes

Water: Yes

Sleeping: (concrete floor)

Description: Herbaceous cover largely missing roof, non-existent chimney (water, snow inside + ice) 2 separate parts (approx 2X 6m2) Through a door. Ext door, Not completely closed. blocked closed shutters (no windows Smokehouse a little seals: 2 side seats 2 seats), table (4 seats). 1 wooden bench (4 seats). 1 mattress / foam mattress (1 place)

Ascent: Pla de las Salinas

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Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.3767 Longitude: 2.02536
Zone: Coll de Pradelles